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Our Products ________________________________________________


Flavored Almonds...

Sweet Flavors:  Citrus, Praline, Honey Roast, and Orange Chocolate

Savory Flavors:  Garlic, Hickory, Mesquite and Oven Roasted



Flavored Hazelnuts...

Mint Chocolate and Cherry Chocolate

Also made by Dvorak Gourmet Confections:

Dukka __________________________________________

It's new.  It's Egyptian.  It's Dukka.  An ancient Australian

blend of spices seeds and nuts, Dukka makes for a delicious

appetizer when served with foccacia and olive oil, or it can

be used to spice up fish, potatoes, or vegetables.  If it has

got to be good, it has got to be Dukka.


Almond Butter ____________________________________

Made from organic dry roasted almonds, our almond butter

has been a family favorite for generations.  Perfect on a

slice of bread, with crackers or with apples, it makes the

perfect healthy snack.


Why our products taste so great:


     z  We use only the highest quality almonds.

     z  We don't use any preservatives.

     z  Our nuts are only dry roasted.

With great care in selecting the best ingredients, we know

that you will love our tasty treats as our family and friends

have for generations.


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