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Testimonials ___________________________________________________


l   "You guys rock!  I purchased some of your products last week, and 

     absolutely love them!" - Jimmy Sampson


l  "I purchased some Citrus Almonds this past Friday.  They were delicious!

      Congratulations on an excellent product!!"  - Patricia Hill


l "We bought some of your almonds on Saturday.  We love them and gave

      them all away.  How can we get more?" - Steve from Hawaii


l  "Your product is absolutely delicious and I would like a supply to enjoy"

      - Brenda


l  "My girlfriend recently visited Vancouver and brought back a bag of your

      Citrus Almonds.  I love flavored almonds of all kinds but these were the

      best I've ever tasted." - Craig Shigeta


l       "I want more Garlic Almonds!  Where can I get them on Vancouver Island?"

      - Bev


l    "My sister tracked you down for me.  She gave us some of your amazing Citrus

      flavored almonds last year, and we'd love to get some sent for this Christmas."

      - Dinah McLeod


l "Our boss received your almonds as part of a Christmas Package...where is

      your product sold? ... they were delicious!" - Peggy Maas


l "I have just tasted three of your wonderful products, and I am wondering 

      where I can buy them in Toronto.  The almonds are simply wonderful."

      - Pat Follet

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