Citrus Almonds. Slow roasted almonds with a hint of orange and a touch of lemon. Pairs well with white wine or champagne. Try as a topping for your favorite salad to make an extra special statement.

Garlic Almonds. Surprisingly delectable and healthy. Perfect as a crouton in Caesar salad or stir-fry. Great with a craft beer or Scotch. 

Maple Almonds. Slow roasted almonds glazed with premium Canadian maple syrup.

Chili spiced Almonds. A savoury almond with a just the right amount of heat. Most popular gift for craft beer lovers. Use a cone instead of a bow to top a gift of a case of craft beer.

Hickory Almonds. A smokey, full-bodied almond with just a touch of saltiness.

Sea Salted Caramel Almonds. Buttery sweet almonds. 

Orange chocolate Almonds. Delicious orange chocolate flavoured almond. 

Cherry chocolate Hazelnuts. A Christmas favourite! Makes a gorgeous statement in a glass of champagne.

Better than Sex Chocolate. A 70% dark chocolate wafer. Great with a full bodied red wine or Port. Very nice in a chocolate martini as well.

Buzz....Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. Eat these to stay awake. Or just because you love the scrumptious taste.

Coconut Pecans. Buttery sweet Pecans with crunchy coconut that takes your tastebuds to tropical islands.